Newlife Body Contour scammed me, lied to me, stole my money.

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Newlife Body Contour is a complete scam. Their sales reps are super slick and misleading. They use your past experiences and body image as a way to manipulate you into signing up for their service. As if that isn't bad enough, they hard close you into signing up for a big package, lie about the refund policy, don't honor the refund policy when you want to cancel due to their treatment not working, and then belittle you like crazy for wanting to cancel!!

Look out for Jeri Jensen and Teresa Spafford. Their email addresses are *** and Jeri is the smooth closer with a silver tongue, and Teresa is the bulldog that comes after you if you try to cancel. They will tell you everything you want to hear, but don't fall for their lies.

Their sales reps will tell you that you'll have amazing, fast results, but it isn't true. I did everything perfectly as they recommended, including what I ate, drank, and how I exercised. It simply doesn't work.

When I tried to cancel the sales rep wouldn't return my calls or respond to my emails. Finally when the super rude and condescending Teresa Spafford called me, she said that I misunderstood the refund policy. They ripped me off for over $4,000!!! I paid them a total of $5,299 for something that didn't work!! They finally refunded me $2,600 when I threatened to sue them, but I still got stuck for the rest.

If you ever see them or their advertisements run like crazy. Keep your money in your pocket. You'll pay money to be beat up and harassed.

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